Unique shape has unique properties

A spiral heat exchanger is precisely what it says – a circular heat exchanger with two concentric spiral channels, one for each fluid. The curved channels provide optimum heat transfer and flow conditions for a wide variety of fluids, while keeping the overall size of the unit to a minimum.


Features and benefits of a spiral heat exchanger: 

  • Fully engineered to meet the needs of every customer
  • Self-cleaning effect reduces operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost due to easy access
  • High heat transfer efficiency (higher than in shell & tubes)
  • Unique ability to handle two highly fouling fluids
  • Every unit is fully drainable
  • Condensers have virtually no vapor side pressure drop
  • Column mounting of condensers reduces installation costs
  • Design experience from more than 40 years of manufacturing


Manufacturer’s website for Brazed Heat Exchangers:


spiral heat exchanger


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