Mixers & Mixing Systems

Scott Turbon Mixer has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel mixers and mixing systems for over 30 years, specializing in applications for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and chemical industries.

Scott Turbon mixers and systems are designed to blend, disperse, de-agglomerate, hydrate, mill, emulsify and/or homogenize. This is accomplished by using high shear Top Mounted, Bottom Mounted, Inline Mixers and Mills. These mixers are commonly used in conjunction with Scott Turbon scrape surface, sweep or pitch blade agitators and tanks to make a turn-key system. Mixers and systems are available from ½ – 300 Horsepower.

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Bottom Entry Mixers

Top Mounted Mixers

Vacuum Mixers

Multi-Shaft Mixers, From 1 to 6000 gallons

Double Planetary


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