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Food, Dairy & Beverage Designs

Enerquip is a member of both Food Industry Suppliers Association (FISA) and the International Dairy Foods Association (The Wisconsin Cheese Association, IDFA includes the Milk Industry Foundation, the National Cheese Institute, and the National Ice Cream Association).

Typical Food & Dairy Processes Using Enerquip Exchangers

  • Evaporation such as sugar concentration
  • Juice, sauce, oil, soup, and syrup
  • Brewery processes
  • Chocolate, peanut butter, and other viscous products
  • Cheese and whey products

Pharmaceutical Designs

Enerquip's heat exchangers are in use by pharmaceutical companies within the Americas and Europe in applications where cleanability and surface finish are of the utmost importance. Each exchanger is designed and constructed under one or more of the following certifications: ASME, 3-A, TEMA, PED, and BPE. A CRN (Canadian Registration Number) can be obtained for any of the Canadian provinces. Enerquip's heat exchangers meet our client's design criteria and perform as predicted.

Enerquip's pharmaceutical grade exchangers are designed with sanitary connections on the process side using USP Class VI O-rings. Materials for the O-rings are carefully selected to be compatible with process fluids. When needed, product contact surfaces may be mechanically polished to a 10 Ra finish or better and then electro-polished for maximum corrosion resistance and sanitary performance.

Typical Pharmaceutical Processes Using Enerquip Exchangers

  • WFI, USP, DI, RO, or ultra-pure water
  • Pure steam
  • Blood, plasma, or growth media
  • API or formulated pharmaceuticals

Industrial Designs

Enerquip's shell and tube designs are manufactured according to TEMA guidelines with straight tubes, or U-tubes in sizes ranging from 2" to 48" in diameter. Each heat exchanger may be built according to the requirements of the following TEMA classes:

  • Class B: chemical process
  • Class C: general process
  • Class R: petroleum process

Although Enerquip can design ASME heat exchangers for operating pressures as high as 3,000 psig, our standard heat exchangers are usually designed for 150 psig at 375° F. Heat exchangers can also be built that meet 3-A, PED, and PBE codes. A CRN (Canadian Registration Number) can be obtained for any of the Canadian provinces.

With each heat exchanger, Enerquip offers the following options:

  • Insulation (non-asbestos and chloride free)
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting supports
  • Full drainability
  • Vacuum breakers
  • NPT threaded connections
  • Davit arms (used with heavy water box designs)

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